The ad "Don't be fooled" is meant to warn immigrants who are thinking of coming to the states; warn relatives who may send money home for immigrants to come to the US; warns citizens to be on the look out for traffickers.
Georgia law focuses concerns on US girls who are victims of sexual trafficking. It makes Georgians aware that the buying of young Americans is big business and goes after those men who are buying young girls as well as the pimps who are selling them.

Florida, the number two state nationally in human trafficking, should enact such laws.
This article makes it easy to understand how American girls get trafficked by pimps into the sex trade. Also references GEMS and book by Rachel Lloyd. Click here to read article.
Read this CNN report that proposes that to truly understand the magnitude of modern slavery there must be a world-wide agreement on the definitions of slavery.
FCAHT has just been informed that Anna Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking will be inducted into the Florida Women's Hall of Fame! We are truly excited for Mrs. Rodriguez for this honor that has been bestowed upon her.
Florida Women's Hall of Fame
The Florida Women's Hall of Fame was created by Florida Statute, to honor women who, through their lives and efforts, have made significant contributions to the improvement of life for women and for all citizen of Florida. The FCSW maintains and facilitates the permanent Florida Women's Hall of Fame display in the state Capitol. Induction Ceremony to be held March 22, 2011
Since its inception in 1982, the Hall of Fame has recognized and honored Florida women who, through their lives and works, have made significant contributions to the improvement of life for all citizens of the state.
This is one Super Bowl ad you should see. It is a very moving and powerful statement by Ray Ratliff. Please listen and look at the statistics on the right side of the page.
Jeanette Ocasio of HTAC has a Letter to the Editor refuting the "human trafficking" name used in the article "Suspicious behavior on I-75 targeted minivan" by SNN. Scroll down to read the article.

WHEREAS, January 11, 2011 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day to raise awareness of and opposition to human trafficking/modern slavery, both nationally and internationally; and

WHEREAS, human trafficking is modern day slavery and is a multi-billion dollar global crime against men, women and children who are held against their will and subjected to forced labor and other deprivations of freedom and dignity; and

WHEREAS, the victims of human trafficking are of every age, race, gender and nationality who have been abused, threatened and restrained to a point of being powerless to free themselves; and

WHEREAS, human trafficking is a hidden crime which can only be eradicated by an informed public supporting professional law enforcement and Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships which will bring the issues to the forefront of public awareness; and

WHEREAS, by educating ourselves about all forms of modern slavery and the signs and consequences of human trafficking we can end this serious ongoing criminal civil rights violation.

NOW, THEREFORE, the City Commission of the City of Sarasota, Florida, and on behalf of the citizens of our community, takes great pride in recognizing January 11, 2011 as

“The Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day” a day of special importance and worthy of the recognition of the citizens of the City of Sarasota.

Sarasota traffic humans awareness task force