7/19/2011    Miami New Times Blogs    15-Year-Old Girl Abducted From Universal Studios, Forced Into Prostitution in Miami   
Ten people have been arrested and two others are wanted in a case involving the abduction of a 15-year-old girl from the Universal Studios area in Orlando who was then forced into prostitution in Miami. The girl had run away from a group home with a friend and, after meeting some men on a bus, was soon transported to Miami-Dade and forced to work as a prostitute.  
The ad "Don't be fooled" is meant to warn immigrants who are thinking of coming to the states; warn relatives who may send money home for immigrants to come to the US; warns citizens to be on the look out for traffickers.
Georgia law focuses concerns on US girls who are victims of sexual trafficking. It makes Georgians aware that the buying of young Americans is big business and goes after those men who are buying young girls as well as the pimps who are selling them.

Florida, the number two state nationally in human trafficking, should enact such laws.
This article makes it easy to understand how American girls get trafficked by pimps into the sex trade. Also references GEMS and book by Rachel Lloyd. Click here to read article.

Sarasota traffic humans awareness task force