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As a result of the Super Bowl, tens of thousands of sex trafficking victims are trafficked to the area to service those looking for more action than on the field. Read story here.
Florida AG Pam Bondi joined other attorney generals recently signed a letter to the house appropriations subcommittee requesting federal funding to combat human trafficking, aid recovering victims, and increase public awareness.

Read letter
The ad "Don't be fooled" is meant to warn immigrants who are thinking of coming to the states; warn relatives who may send money home for immigrants to come to the US; warns citizens to be on the look out for traffickers.
Georgia law focuses concerns on US girls who are victims of sexual trafficking. It makes Georgians aware that the buying of young Americans is big business and goes after those men who are buying young girls as well as the pimps who are selling them.

Florida, the number two state nationally in human trafficking, should enact such laws.
Read this CNN report that proposes that to truly understand the magnitude of modern slavery there must be a world-wide agreement on the definitions of slavery.
Jeanette Ocasio of HTAC has a Letter to the Editor refuting the "human trafficking" name used in the article "Suspicious behavior on I-75 targeted minivan" by SNN. Scroll down to read the article.
On Dec 9, the Senate passed a bill aimed at combating sex trafficking in the United States and providing aid for victims of sex slavery. The Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and Deterrence and Victims and Support Act (S. 2925/H.R. 5575) would provide block grants for anti-trafficking pilot programs in six states and would establish comprehensive services for victims, including counseling and education, as well as require participation by all levels of law enforcement. To be enacted into law, the House must pass the bill in the few remaining days of the lame duck session.
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