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As a result of the Super Bowl, tens of thousands of sex trafficking victims are trafficked to the area to service those looking for more action than on the field. Read story here.
Read the story about what eleven congregations who are educating hotel workers about Human Trafficking.
_City of Sarasota proclaims January 11 Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Read proclamation here.
Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday. On behalf of those who are afraid, alone, away from home and working in slavery, we thank you for helping . For an update and understanding of the amount of work that still needed to i to be done, read the story on Stolen Innocence
Florida AG Pam Bondi joined other attorney generals recently signed a letter to the house appropriations subcommittee requesting federal funding to combat human trafficking, aid recovering victims, and increase public awareness.

Read letter

Recently the list of Girl Scouts receiving national Young Women of Distinction honor was announced. One of the Girl Scouts did her Gold Award Project on Human Trafficking, creating a website,

Alexis La Benz learned about human trafficking when she worked with Honduras Girl Guides as part of a GSUSA & WAGGGS twinning project. Wanting to take what she had learned in twinning one step further Alexis built the website teensontrafficking. org. On her website she educates visitors on what human trafficking is, safety and prevention tips, and how to ensure that products you purchase are not made by slave labor. Alexis promotes her website and her knowledge about human trafficking at multiple speaking engagements. So far she has received 12,700 visits to her website.
7/19/2011    Miami New Times Blogs    15-Year-Old Girl Abducted From Universal Studios, Forced Into Prostitution in Miami   
Ten people have been arrested and two others are wanted in a case involving the abduction of a 15-year-old girl from the Universal Studios area in Orlando who was then forced into prostitution in Miami. The girl had run away from a group home with a friend and, after meeting some men on a bus, was soon transported to Miami-Dade and forced to work as a prostitute.  

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